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Sessions to the Mother Earth

Mystical sessions - OFFERING TO MOTHER EARTH

Cuzco in the Andes since ancient times maintaining the ideology of considering everything created by God, alive, sun, moon, rain, mountains and land have been and are regarded as sacred deities in the existence of Andean people ... is this ideology known today as the Andean worldview, Andean men continue to worship here with ceremonies and rituals to the creation of God or God Almighty Wiraqocha ...

The Andes are part of a culture full of intriguing knowledge that shows the visitor today as it was taught from generation to generation is a priority for us to maintain the heritage of the ancient customs continue today to help man to understand many uncertainties of human existence and life ... join us to join this circle of knowledge and answers, and share with us the tradition of thanking God for everything that surrounds us and is part of our lives, offering our gratitude to the offering Mother Earth ...

For everything that surrounds us and is part of our lives, offering our gratitude to the offering to Mother Earth ...


To realize the mystic ceremony of San Pedro, the plant WASHUMA teacher is necessary and very important to take into account the information that is required to participate, the master of ceremony will respective guidelines for participation of a mystical experience unique.

Recommendations to participate in the Ceremony

  • Is diet important for those days before the ceremony of feeding should be based on vegetables, fruits and plenty of water, what is required is to have purified the body physically, it is very essential that the diet
  • It is very important to read and try to meditate, channeling energies is a good exercise

Day 01:


Transfer from the hotel by bus to the archaeological site chosen by the participants and the master of ceremony, (read information Huaka) KILLARUMILLOQ, Mamaq PATA, INKA JAIL, Chaka, Huchuyqosqo, YANAHUARA, MAUK'ALLAQTA, reaching the place start to go the remains, to conduct a site survey, we will be mounting for the camp and the teacher will proceed with the directions ... the channeling of energy, preparation of the offering mystical purifying the body and spirit will be part of the ceremony.

8:00 pm

The ceremony lasts for 4 hours. The person involved may accompany with ancient chants, mantras and Icarus, and deliver the offering wing Mother Earth in gratitude for life and knowledge of the Andean worldview

Day 02:


In the morning we will have breakfast consisting of natural products


Return to Cusco

Archeological Remains Sacred Ceremony for Wachuma

  • KILLA Rumiyoq. Anta, 2300 meters. Waka sacred ceremonial for the moon
  • MamaqOPATA. Saqsaywaman, 3600 m.s.n.m. Waka preinka sacred to the world of kaypacha.
  • INKA JAIL. Salineras Cusco, 2700 m.s.n.m. Waka sacred rooms with cult enigmatic inner world pacha Uhu
  • Chakan Rio Saphi cusco, 3400 m.s.n.m. Waka sacred worship of water
  • Huchuyqosqo. Calca, 3700 m.s.n.m. Inca City, impressive for its beauty and its relics, is a city of stone and mud
  • YANAHUARA. Urubamba, 2700 m.s.n.m. City that shows traces of culture kilka
  • MAUK'ALLAQTA. Paqareqtampu, 2800 m.s.n.m. First city inhabited by culture. inka.


  • Transfer from Hotel - archaeological relic, waka
  • Bilingual guide
  • Mystical guide
  • Permanent assistance
  • Entrance ticket to selected archaeological relic
  • Food
  • Camping
  • Sleeping
  • Matras

The ceremony also can make in one day

We recommended to bring:

  • Clothing suitable for rainy weather (October to March) as raincoats and Trekking shoes
  • Sunscreen.
  • Lens of Sun and hat
  • Water, chocolates, fruits
  • Quartz or magnetic stones
  • Andean Mantos


All year.

Prices (US $):

  • Prices change by the remains, designed for the ceremony


Private Service Shared Service
Cusco Sessions to the Mother Earth 1
4 +
1 Day        

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