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city tour puma cusco

7:00 am

Transfer from the hotel by bus to the archaeological park of Sacsayhuaman. will tour the Inca ruins and religious , with the latest excavations at the site also appreciate the pre-Inca cultures remains in place, here began our tour of the city puma, also know the Andean cosmic vision of the Incas to better understanding of Andean culture, this place is named as the head of the city puma, Sacsayhuaman.

8:30 am

Descend Pumaqurko street, which means the cougar back in the way one can see Inca palaces, then we will go down the street Hatunrumiyoq street through which the sacred path of the Incas into the Qapaq √ĎAN Antisuyo, in this place can see the famous stone of 12 angles as well as the palace of the Inca Sinchiroca

9:30 am

We will go to the plaza HAUKAYPTA , also known as the heart of the puma, in this place will do a recognition of the Inca palaces, we also know the organization of the Inka state.

10:20 am

Walk down the street to the Palace Inti Kiqllu of Kusicancha.

11:00 am

We visit the archaeological complex of QORIKANCHA, also known as the navel of the puma, in this place you can appreciate the ancient knowledge they possessed regarding the Inca astronomy and religion.

12:00 m

Visit the museum Qorikancha site, here you can see remnants of the pre-Inca and Inca cultures.

1:00 pm

Observe the mural of Juan Bravo, and we know the history of mural art cusco using the search that is located at Avenida El sol.

1:30 pm

Hike up to the monument Pumaq Chupan district, known as the tail of the puma, in this place can be assessing a model of the entire city as the puma, also will see a monument Paqcha interpreting the meaning of the Andean worldview.

2:00 pm

Lunch show


  • Transfer from Hotel
  • Sacsaywuaman Bilingual guide
  • Permanent Assistance
  • Entrance fee to Saqsaywaman Qorikancha, kusikancha, museum.
  • Lunch
  • Cd Puma City

We recommended to bring:

  • Clothing suitable for weather-rainy (October-March) as raincoats and shoes
  • Walking
  • Sunscreen.
  • Lens cap
  • Water and chocolates


All year. October to March, the rainy season

No. of passengers for tour:

2 / 15 pax.

Prices (US $):

Private Service Shared Service
City Tour Puma 1
4 +
1 Day        

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